7 Trends Spotted At The Fall/Winter 2023-2024 Fashion Week

Among florals, fluffy coats, full skirts, vibrant colours, leather work, and the comeback of the quintessential style or the advent of the mini bra, throwback to what we’d like to wear in the next few months.

Max Mara Fall 2024.

As the month-long fashion marathon draws to a close, we can’t help but be inspired by the numerous spectacular looks that hit the runway. It may frequently feel as if all designers are working in an echo chamber. However, this season, confidence in the collections sent a loud and unambiguous message: goodbye, calm luxury!

Clothes felt enjoyable again, as shown in Chemena Kamali’s debut collection at Chloé, where boho chic made a bold comeback, and at Nichola’s Ghesquire’s 10th-anniversary collection, where the creative genius showed some of his best surrealist hits for the label.

Elsewhere, designers like Alaïa and Missoni tested the limits of textiles, crafting outlandish knitted looks, while new notions of daywear were offered by the likes of Balenciaga and Dries Van Noten. Fabulous faux fur options were seen at Glenn Marten’s Diesel and at Acne Studios, which not only looked real but looked cool. Coach and Prada’s beautiful bows were perfect for party options, and power suits from Dior and Max Mara were made to rule the C-suite. No matter the occasion or personality type, there seemed to be a trend for all.

Here are 7 trends poised to make a resounding impact in the upcoming season:

Plush Fluffy Coats

Craftsmanship takes centre stage as designers showcase the artistry of yarn in plush, voluminous coats and dresses. These creations not only look exquisite but promise a tactile indulgence, elevating the cosy knitwear trend to new heights.

Alaia Fall 2024.

Lingerie-inspired Dressing

Lingerie continues to inspire runway looks, albeit with a twist. Beyond slip dresses and corsets, designers push boundaries with dresses crafted from bras, sheer tops, and shirt dresses featuring built-in garter belts, inviting exploration and experimentation.

Saint Laurent Fall 2024

Vibrant Colour Play

Bid adieu to monochrome monotony and embrace bold, unexpected colour combinations. From Technicolor neons to soothing pastels, inject some verve into your daily attire.

Gucci Fall 2024.

Full Skirts with a Twist

The return of ladylike dressing takes a contemporary turn with a diverse range of flared skirts. Whether sporting unfinished hems or structured designs, these skirts exude fluidity, seamlessly transitioning from casual hoodies to tailored jackets.

Valentino Fall 2024.

Reimagined Architectural Silhouettes

This season, the focus shifts from overt structural elements to shapes that accentuate the body’s curves. Think padded hips, exaggerated shoulders, and waist pleating, all emphasising form over rigid construction.

Schiaparelli Fall 2024.

Modern Florals

Designers explore the realm of floral prints with innovative techniques such as burned-out effects and digital distortions. From coats adorned with blooms beneath cage-like structures to draped dresses, floral patterns undergo a contemporary makeover.

Loewe Fall 2024.

The Resurgence of Pants

After a hiatus of shorts and underwear doubling as pants, trousers reclaim their spotlight on the runways. Expect statement-making pants boasting voluminous proportions, signalling a shift towards covered legs.

MaxMara Fall 2024.