From Russia to Hollywood: The Rise of Model, Influencer & Star Olesia Vog

Rising Russian-born model and artist Olesia Vog is our cover muse for the July 2023 issue of Parisien Magazine, displaying an alluring fashion style in our latest edition. The striking beauty and unique features of Olesia Vog have caught the attention of the fashion world. The young model has quickly become a rising star in the industry.

Olesia Vog wears a look by Curio at Faena Bazaar.

Olesia Vog (@olesiavog) was born in Russia. At the age of 15, she started her modelling career, participated in different TV projects, and appeared on a reality TV show in Russia. 

After moving to the United States, Olesia successfully continued her modelling career. She is on the cover of Fashion Magazines and is always a special guest at prestigious events like iHeart Radio Award, MTV Awards, Elton John, Oscars Party, Cannes Festival and many more. 

Olesia Vog wears a look by Curio at Faena Bazaar.

Olesia’s Instagram presence boasts an impressive following of 307k fans, captivated by her unique content that seamlessly blends her love for fashion and luxury lifestyle. Her connection with her followers has led her reels to amass a staggering 70 million views, a testament to her unwavering transparency and relatability. Olesia is a role model for millions of girls.

Olesia Vog wears a look by Curio at Faena Bazaar.

Olesia is taking vocal classes with the best in the industry and getting ready to release her new single. Her goal is to become a reality show star. Currently, Olesia is working with Hollywood Producers in Los Angeles.


Olesia Vog wears a look by Curio at Faena Bazaar.

Parisien Magazine cover star Olesia Vog is an incredible fashion icon, model, media personality, influencer and artist who has taken the world by storm with her impeccable sense of style and her unbridled passion for fashion. From Russia to Hollywood, Olesia has carved out a name for herself as one of the most sought-after influencers and models in the industry. Her keen eye for style and ability to mix and match pieces in unexpected ways has made her a true trendsetter, with fans from all over the world following her every move. She is always the centre of attention!

Also, remember that she is constantly keeping in contact with all her fans on her official Instagram account. Stay tuned because Olesia Vog is always providing her fans with new and stunning content.


Model: Olesia Vog @olesiavog

Designer: Curio at Faena Bazaar @faenabazaarcurio

Stylist: Victoria Smirnoff @victoriasmirnoff

Photographer: Olly Vento