Men’s Fashion for Spring-Summer 2022: The Boldest Trends You Need to Know

Summer is breezing with these 7 curated trends from the Spring/Summer 2022 fashion trends. Find them here!

Fendi Spring-Summer 2022

If Spring-Summer 2021 was meant to be free and relaxed, with jogging suits and extra-wide comfortable trousers, in 2022, designers are proposing new silhouettes as a reaction to the never-ending pandemic period we are all experiencing.

Spring-Summer 2022 marks the great comeback of physical shows, a breath of fresh air in the fashion world: creative energy and optimism remain the watchwords of the next season, with a wardrobe created to reconnect with the social life we have been missing for the last two years.

This new season brings for new ideas, colours, and silhouettes for men. Collections are proposing vibrant colors, sheer and cut-outs and focuses on color, cut and print in their collections. Their aim is to create pieces that express freedom, glamour and style. And let’s not forget the audacity shown by designers this season, by introducing pieces that were initially feminine into the heart of the male wardrobe, such as shoes with heels, cutouts, blazers, and short shorts reimagined as skirts.

Scroll down to discover the men’s trends from the Spring/Summer 2022 collections.


The urban formal suit is always in fashion, but this season the suit takes on an even more relaxed style. This does not detract from its elegance; the slouchy suit is less rigorous, more elastic, and comfortable without sacrificing style. It is a celebration of unstructured suits, which does not abandon the silhouette overall.

Giorgio Armani Spring-Summer 2022


For this season, Rick Owens unveiled their men’s collections and dare us to wear less. One of the fashion statements of summer 2022 was indeed the cutout pieces.

Between scissor cuts, holes, indentations, and straps, a new concept of masculinity is being brought forth by designers this season. 

Rick Owens Spring-Summer 2022


Hermès proposes the large, light, and casual: the dust coat, inspired by the trench coat, the peacoat, and the parka. It is specially designed to face any climatic event with style.

Hermès Spring-Summer 2022


Fashion brands Brioni proposes once again the jumpsuits. They are making a big comeback this season, and we almost forgot about it. Most of the time jumpsuits are inspired by the workwear outfit, but this time the jumpsuit goes from the oversized utilitarian style to the regressive short version. 

Brioni Spring-Summer 2022


Black and White are truly making a comeback, thanks to Burberry and nothing could be more elegant. Simplicity can be expected in this colour palette, but more daring wearers can bring black-and-white to new levels with a little experimentation.

Burberry Spring-Summer 2022


Prada proposes transparent pieces for the collection, between the lace details, sheer fabrics, and bold indiscretion of the pieces.

PradaSpring-Summer 2022


Louis Vuitton comes up with a mixture of vivid colours and patterns in their designs, from pastel to fluorescent. For those who aren’t ready to push their limits yet, there’s still the option to incorporate a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral outfit.

Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2022