Kylie Jenner Surprises Her Fans With New Clothing Line, Khy

The cosmetics mogul expanded her business to the fashion world.

Khy lookbook. Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner created a billion-dollar cosmetic company back before celebrity beauty brands were even the norm. Now, she’s moving into the fashion sphere. After sitting front row at countless fashion shows, the mogul has decided to take her passion backstage. The reality star has officially announced the launch of her new brand Khy (which she teased on Instagram earlier this week).

The efforts of Kim Kardashian and her elder sister Khloé, who run Good American and Skims, respectively, demonstrate that celebrity-founded clothing companies are nothing new. In order to appeal to customers of various backgrounds, Jenner wants to carve out a niche for herself by positioning Khy as a high-end brand with a more approachable pricing and size range.

Promising to blend “high fashion with everyday style,” KHY is Kylie’s debut clothing line will, according to a press release, draw inspiration from her own personal clothing collection, which is assuredly enormous. However, KHY is operating at a much lower price point than the stuff that Kylie indulges in. Much lower.


“Kylie’s obviously very aware of what she likes,” said Haider Ackermann, the fashion designer behind Jenner’s 2023 Met Gala gown. “She grew up in the attention of the public eye from the age of 9 — and she’s always been very attracted to clothes, makeup, everything that would make her world and imagination grow and be blown away. She’s always been seduced by it.”

Khy’s arrival may be recent, but for Kylie, it’s the culmination of a longstanding passion for fashion that has been evident to those in her inner circle for quite some time.

“Creatively, I have such a strong vision of what I want to look like and what I want to do and what I want to wear,” said Jenner. “I never get too stressed about these things because… fashion is supposed to be fun.”

This fashion line is a collaboration between Kylie Jenner, her mother Kris Jenner, and the dynamic duo Emma and Jens Grede, known for their involvement in other Kardashian ventures like Skims and Good American.


What sets Khy apart is its commitment to collaboration, pledging to work with designers, iconic brands, and influential cultural figures. The debut collection, a 12-piece capsule crafted in partnership with Namilia founders Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl, features faux-leather pants, coats, tops, and basics. The range is priced between $48 to $198, with sizes from XXS to 4X, ensuring inclusivity.

According to a press release, the brand “is dedicated to redefining the modern wardrobe with a collection that speaks to the avant-garde while remaining inclusive and accessible to fashion enthusiasts of all backgrounds”.


“Khy is a homage to the limitless possibilities of fashion. We are breaking down barriers and will redefine the meaning of a designer brand, with creativity and quality at a better price,” Jenner said in a press release. “I wanted to make Khy a platform for our customers to have the opportunity to experience fashion through new designers and brands, but at a more accessible price.”

Kylie teased the launch with a captivating campaign photo on Instagram, showcasing the brand’s high-low fashion approach. In a striking ensemble, she paired a black leather moto trench coat from Khy with Ferragamo’s newly released Eva pumps, making a bold statement ahead of the November 1st release on Khy’s official website.

Kylie Jenner for Jean Paul Gaultier.

The launch of Khy is the culmination of Kylie Jenner’s subtle brand evolution in recent years. From front-row appearances at prestigious Fashion Month shows to becoming the face of renowned brands like Jean Paul Gaultier and Acne Studios, Jenner has seamlessly woven herself into the fabric of the fashion world, setting the stage for Khy’s grand entrance into the industry.