Unforgettable Jewellery Moments From The 2024 Oscars

Fashion and beauty may be well-reported across the Oscars red carpet, but this season, we had our eye on the spectacular sparkle spotted by our favourite celebrities.

Emma Stone at the 2024 Oscars Awards.

Anyone seeking additional proof that the 2024 Oscars were rooted in a bigger-is-better vibe, look no further than the abundance of high-jewellery choices seen on the red carpet and inside the Dolby Theatre. Necklaces sometimes tend to take a backseat to chandelier earrings or a statement cocktail ring on red carpets these days, but not this year, as chokers, pendants and sautoirs ruled the parade of gems at the 96th Academy Awards.

The exquisite fashion paired with the sparkling jewels, weaves a tale of its own. And this year’s red carpet event had quite the dazzle with celebrities donning some of the most opulent jewels from notable brands like Tiffany & Co, Bulgari, Boucheron, and more.

Hollywood’s leading ladies stunned in stylish pieces from Charlize Theron in piles of Boucheron diamonds; Vanessa Hudgens debuted her baby bump wearing Chopard jewels, while Lily Gladstone and Zendaya both glistened in Bulgari bijoux. Simu Liu and Colman Domingo did not miss out on the jewels either.

From classic elegance to modern extravagance, here are some of the standout jewellery highlights from the star-studded evening.


Ariana Grande brought a whimsical touch to the red carpet with her Tiffany & Co pendant and earrings featuring morganites and diamonds, perfectly complementing her candyfloss-pink dress. Her choice of jewellery added a playful yet sophisticated element to her look.

Ariana Grande at the 2024 Oscars Red Carpet.


Gabrielle Union shined bright on the red carpet in a glitzy set from Carolina Herrera paired with an epic natural diamond Tiffany & Co. necklace featuring a 33-carat aquamarine pendant at the centre. She walked the red carpet alongside her husband, Dwayne Wade, who also added a touch of natural diamond flair to his tuxedo–a Cartier natural diamond brooch on his lapel.

Gabrielle Union at the 2024 Oscars Red Carpet.


Vanessa Hudgens, who announced her pregnancy on the Oscars red carpet, stunned in a show-stopping Chopard necklace featuring a pear-shaped yellow diamond. Paired with Fairmined-certified white gold and diamond earrings, Hudgens epitomised radiant maternity chic, adding a touch of sparkle to her special moment.

Vanessa Hudgens at the 2024 Oscars Red Carpet.


Margot Robbie kept her look sleek and sophisticated in a black Versace gown, accessorising with a statement gold and diamond bangle by Fred Leighton. Her choice of jewellery added a touch of modern glamour to her ensemble, highlighting her understated yet refined style.

Margot Robbie at the 2024 Oscars Red Carpet.


Charlize Theron exuded sheer glamour in a dazzling array of Boucheron pieces, including pendant earrings, a choker, a necklace, and a bracelet adorned with diamonds and white gold. Theron’s ensemble radiated luxury and sophistication, capturing the essence of Hollywood royalty.

Charlize Theron at the 2024 Oscars Red Carpet.


Leading Actress winner Emma Stone epitomised sophistication in a Louis Vuitton ensemble, accentuated by a white gold, sapphire, and diamond necklace from the brand’s high-jewellery collection. Paired with exquisite white gold and diamond earrings, Stone’s look exuded timeless grace and refinement.

Emma Stone at the 2024 Oscars Red Carpet. 


Zendaya, stunning in a pink Armani gown, opted for Bulgari high-jewellery earrings adorned with morganites, perfectly complementing her attire with a touch of feminine allure. Her choice of accessories exemplified elegance and poise, adding a radiant glow to her ensemble.

Zendaya at the 2024 Oscars Red Carpet.


Jennifer Lawrence made a striking statement by debuting Swarovski’s new lab-grown diamond collection on the red carpet. Her minimalist yet impactful ‘Galaxy tennis necklace and bracelet, paired with a polka-dot Dior gown, showcased a seamless blend of modernity and sophistication.

Jennifer Lawrence at the 2024 Oscars Red Carpet.