A Celebration of Luxury Glamour: Fendace – Fendi & Versace

After unveiling their joint “Fendace” collection last year, Fendi and Versace unveiled a campaign dedicated to the launch.

After the world began to open up, the union between the two luxury fashion houses, Fendi and Versace, came about.

The FENDACE collection celebrates just that: friendship, union and, ultimately, love.

This collection is more than just a collaboration. It is an exchange of creative roles, perspectives and brand codes.

The new campaign shot by famed photographer Steven Meisel further explores fashion, style and glamor, capturing the same sense of energy and friendship that Kim Jones and Donatella Versace had when designing the collection.

“It’s an exchange rather than a collaboration and, above all, it’s done out of friendship. It’s the beauty of being together after time apart and a celebration of the women who have inspired me so much,” said Kim Jones.

Donatella Versace added: “The campaign captures the same sense of friendship and energy that we had when we were designing the collection. Kim is a visionary and innovative designer. To me, ‘Fendace’ will always mean love.”

Donatella Versace designed the looks for Fendi by Versace. Kristen McMenamy, Naomi Campbell, Anja Rubik, Imaan Hammam, Adut Akech, Lina Zhang and Anok Yai are among the many stars who shine and appear in the Fendace Pre-Fall 2022 campaign. And the campaign really is a party: the accompanying press release describes Fendace as an “exclusive nightclub”: everyone wants to get in, but not everyone is going to get in.

The prints are bold, bright and emotive, and the logos of each house are fully adopted and incorporated into the collection.

Styles like the Peekaboo and Baguette combine the most iconic staples of the House of Fendi with the boldness of Versace, while La Medusa combines the Fendi FF logo with the core DNA of Versace. Each piece, and the bags specifically, are a clear statement of the collection’s vision to create special designs that also respect the history and core DNA of both houses.

The collection includes swimwear, designer handbags, form-fitting dresses, gold jewellery and printed scarves, which stylist Jacob K has highlighted in the images. In addition, Pat McGrath’s luminous makeup completed the look. The campaign also featured the work of makeup artist and hairstylist Guido Palau with his colourful hair and hairstyles that stood out.

Fendace will launch the collection on May 12 through a series of events and pop-ups around the world. It will be held in cities such as Paris, Tokyo, New York, London, Los Angeles and Kuwait, among others.

The collections will be split in boutiques, with Fendi presenting the VERSACE BY FENDI collection and Versace showcasing FENDI BY VERSACE.