Fashion Industry’s New Cybersecurity Specialist: Fungi Technologies

Founded by Carlos Barril and Iñaki García, Fungi Technologies is the new hot favourite for the fashion industry as their chief cybersecurity watchdog.

Every day, companies and consumers face cyber threats. Fortunately, the cybersecurity market is overflowing with startups using anything from artificial intelligence to machine learning to address this issue. Carlos Barril and Iñaki García, Spanish entrepreneurs, created Fungi Technologies.

Simply described, cyber security is a set of policies and strategies in place to secure a company’s essential systems and sensitive information against cyber-attacks and data breaches, often known as cyber threats. Cyber assaults are becoming more complex as thieves find it simpler to evade standard security systems by using new attack tactics based on AI and social engineering. Businesses that embrace modern technology must also improve their cyber security measures to meet it.

The Fashion Industry has been the biggest recipient of these orchestrated cyber attacks that often target fashion designers, companies and luxury fashion houses. These notorious cybercriminals attack their systems, servers, bank accounts, and emails by employing sophisticated methods like phishing, malware, etc. Hackers often try to obtain clients’s data and information to sell it to third parties with ulterior motives. The worst-case scenario involves the leakage of clients cards’ information out in the open, which can damage the designers’ name to an irreparable extent.

In response to this pressing demand, Fungi Technologies steps in as a solution provider, offering unique solutions to the fashion sector. From modelling agencies to fashion magazines, Fungi technologies has been the talk of the town due to its meticulous planning to handle the demands of each organisation, which may be better addressed with a bespoke solution provider rather than a generic plugin.

Fungi Technologies at its core provides its client with a series of measures that assess and enforce measures that eliminate cyber hazards. After onboarding the client, Fungi commences a comprehensive Vulnerabilities test that highlights the existing risks and threat points in the company. Post this, Fungi Technologies employs its tried and tested methodologies that focuses not just on the system but also on the employee awareness that prepares them to face phishing and malware attacks.

A strong cybersecurity strategy consists of different layers of protection to defend your business against all kinds of cybercrime, including attacks that are designed to access, change or destroy data, extort money from your employees or business, or aim to disrupt your day to day business operations.

Cyber strategies should take into account: Infrastructure security, Network security, Application security, Information security, Cloud Security, Employee security training and awareness and Disaster recovery or business continuity.

Fungi Technologies has been busy creating a name for themselves in this niche space that specialises in providing tailor made solutions to some of the most recognised names in the fashion industry.