Inside Copenhagen Fashion Week 2022/2023

We review the colors and designs that will be trending for spring 22/23 at Copenhagen fashion week.

Copenhagen Spring/Summer 2023

When it comes to fashion week, we’re quick to look to the four key fashion capitals for the latest trend forecasts, whether that be in the realm of beauty, or clothing, and Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023 is at the forefront of this shift. Copenhagen Fashion Week delivered a huge amount of inspiration, both visually and ideologically this season.

As it is already known, the style in the city is characterised by minimalism and sustainability. And, during this fashion week, we saw labels such as The Garment, Rotate, and Zalando’s Sustainability Award Finalist, MWorks, gracing the runway with their designs.

Copenhagen Fashion Week is home to a burst of new trends, and the spring/summer 2022 collections are no exception. Discover our favourite looks from CPHFW SS23 from the most promising brands, both leading and new ones.

Trend 1: Gray

Gray becomes one of Scandi’s favourite colours to wear. We saw it on designs during CPHFW and we definitely loved it! Designers like Sophia Rae at The Garment and Skall Studioare asking us to style our gray trousers with a casual white tank top. Instead of the little black dress, consider a little gray dress instead.

Hope & The Garment Spring/Summer 2023

Seen at: Hope, Skall Studio, Stine Goya, and The Garment.

Trend 2: Classics

Creative designers asked us to invest in the classics but don’t limit ourselves. Classics never have to stop your creativity., for sure! They can be worn in different ways, but of course, they depend on your imagination in how to style them.

During CPHFW Spring/Summer 2023, we could see cropped trench coats with curved shoulders, denim jackets that were layered yet streamlined, and white poplin shirts that weren’t really white poplin shirts.

Remain & The Garment Spring/Summer 2023

Seen at: Remain, Saks Potts, The Garment, and Wood Wood.

Trend 3: Denim

This fashion trend is becoming more and more wearable during the previous seasons and the current one. And, every season sees a new denim trend. For this Spring/Summer 2023, we saw denim with light treatments that made a big difference. From a red and blue bleached worn wash at Ganni to an incredible tied waistband at Jade Cropper, denim was the star of many shows.

Baumund Pfergarten & Ganni Spring/Summer 2023

Seen at: Baumund Pfergarten, Ganni, Jade Cropper, and P.L.N.

Trend 4: Lace Up

We definitely love lace up since it always provides versatility in how you wear it. This Spring/Summer 2023, we saw OpéraSPORT’s show focusing on dresses, tops, and skirts with tie detailing. Knitwear designer A. Roege Hove presented an incredible collection including ties with subtle placements but extra-long laces.

OpéraSPORT & A. Roege Hove Spring/Summer 2023

Seen at: OpéraSPORT, A. Roege Hove, (di) vision, and Saks Potts.