The Best Fashion at the Cannes Film Festival of All Time

From style icons like Madonna and Princess Diana to Bella Hadid and Anne Hathaway, these are the stars who brought their A game style to the long list of Cannes festival editions.

Bella Hadid at the Cannes Film Festival. 

The Cannes Film Festival, first introduced in 1946 as the International Film Festival, has long been held as one of the most prestigious events on the social calendar, bringing together the world’s leading actors, directors and producers and a stream of supermodels to the French Riviera. Since its arrival, Cannes has always been one of the most anticipated industry events of the year. There is no doubt that the excitement surrounding this festival has a lot to do with witnessing the best in cinema, but it is also worth noting that the fashion world will have a moment to shine. Industry leaders, movie stars and celebrities return once again to the French Riviera in their best outfits, dressed to the nines, ready to hog the camera flashes, gathered by the sea in the South of France to promote their films with elegance for 10 full days.

Its 80-meter red carpet welcomed stars like Naomi Campbell in a custom Roberto Cavalli chainmail dress that exuded elegance in 2010, Penelope Cruz in a spectacular Chanel lace gown in 2018, and even the viral moment when Bella Hadid appeared on the red carpet of the 2021 Festival in Schiaparelli’s avant-garde lung neckline dress, it had its most iconic and memorable moments over the years. There has never been a dull fashion moment, and we have always enjoyed witnessing great moments of glamour.

Below, see the most memorable Cannes Film Festival dresses of all time.


Charlize Theron was a ray of sunshine on the Cannes red carpet at the premiere of her film, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ on day 2 of Cannes 2015. For the occasion, the actress donned a striking sunshine yellow Christian Dior Couture gown that featured a sculpted round neckline and flowing train. She completed her look with dazzling Chopard jewelry, a glamorous updo and barely any makeup. This is one movie star moment we won’t soon forget.

Charlize Theron at Cannes Film Festival, 2015.


The model wore an avant-garde dress from the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2021/22 collection, designed by Daniel Roseberry, for the premiere of Tre Piani (Three Floors) . The close-fitting black wool dress had a neckline that cut below Hadid’s chest, which was covered by a gold-plated necklace in the shape of the passage of the bronchi of the lungs, adorned with rhinestones. It was clear that the supermodel brought drama and glamour to the red carpet.

Bella Hadid at Cannes Film Festival, 2021.


Princess Diana is known to us as a style icon. And so she proved at the Cannes 1987 edition. Diana wore a dress worth remembering: a sky blue model made with chiffon and draped effect, which to this day is an inspiration, designed by the favorite firm among the English royals: Catherine Walker. This dress was accompanied by long earrings that subtly highlighted by the brilliance of diamonds and aquamarine stones at the end, which was also one of her favorite gems.

Catherine Walker also turned her name into a reference at that time since she defined herself as the firm to turn to if a princess did not want to go unnoticed in an important event.

Princess Diana at Cannes Film Festival, 1987.


Cameron Diaz fearlessly introduced the “naked dress” at the illustrious Cannes Film Festival in 2002. With the visionary touch of Versace, Diaz’s stunning ensemble redefined red carpet fashion, leaving an indelible mark on the glamorous event. Her audacious choice pushed the boundaries of style, igniting a sartorial revolution that would resonate for years to come.

Cameron Diaz at Cannes Film Festival, 2001.


Anne Hathaway ignited her red-carpet journey with an exquisite Armani Privé dress at the premiere of “Armageddon Time.” This ethereal ensemble, adorned with ethereal grace, marked the inception of Hathaway’s awe-inspiring streak of flawless red-carpet appearances.

Anne Hathaway at Cannes Film Festival, 2022.


In a magnificent convergence of royalty, both as the Queen of Pop and the Queen of Cannes, the incomparable Madonna graced the esteemed Cannes Film Festival. It was a moment that would forever be etched in the annals of fashion history. With audacious confidence and an unapologetic sense of style, Madonna captivated the world as she arrived at the premiere of her groundbreaking film ‘In Bed With Madonna’ in 1991. Adorned in an exquisite Jean Paul Gaultier lingerie-inspired ensemble, she radiated both sensuality and empowerment.

Madonna at Cannes Film Festival, 1987.