The Best Behind-the-Scenes Photos from the Spring 2023 Shows in Paris

All the best backstage and atmospheric photos from Paris Fashion Week collections here.

Backstage at Balmain – Photographed by Acielle Tanbetova

Paris Fashion Week is back with lights, cameras and glamour! The most-anticipated fashion capitol #PFW has the last spot on the “Big Four” fashion calendar and with that the honour of being the culmination of what is usually weeks of amazing runway shows. For Spring 2023, Paris Fashion Week has brought established luxury brands to showcase their collections in Paris, including Balmain, Courrèges, Acne Studios’ Ready-To-Wear return to the Parisian runways, Dior, Botter, and many more. Brands have shown mesmerizing fashion shows and design pieces for the upcoming season. Besides, behind-the-scenes have been captured to make us see and enjoy backstage, and we cannot miss them!

We share all the best backstage and atmospheric photos from Paris Fashion Week collections this week.


Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri presented her latest Spring/Summer 2023 collection in Paris – in the timeless Tuileries Gardens. The collection featured contemporary accents and a neo-gothic aesthetic. It was also an ode to Paris from its location to the décor. It also celebrated Catherine de Medici Silhouette by giving the corset and Burano lace a new lease of life.

Photographed by Acielle Tanbetova
Photographed by Acielle Tanbetova


Creative Director Oliver Rousteing presented his latest Spring 2023 collection in Paris, making diversity and inclusivity key values of the French house. For this Spring 2023 collection, Oliver presented ready-to-wear and couture outfits made of paper, tree bark, banana leaf, raffia, wood and a host of recycled fabrics.

The brand also made sustainability another pillar and mobilized his brand behind the urgent issue of climate change. “We all saw climate change this summer. We all saw fires around the world. And coming back with a show in September, thinking about whether our pants are going to be high-waisted or low-waisted – It seems a bit futile to me.” So said Oliver Rousteing before a show that was in equal parts inspiring, infuriating and surprising.

Photographed by Acielle Tanbetova
Photographed by Acielle Tanbetova


Creative Director Nicolas Di Felice presented his Spring/Summer 2023 collection in Paris, taking back his early days partying in the Belgian clubs where he also recreated a sandy runway to match the sentiments. He also took inspiration from the surf and scuba motifs. For this spring 2023, Nicolas presented vintage scuba jackets, naiad dress silhouettes, and much more. The collection also focused on black, cream, light coral and light-wash denim. Besides, models walked on the runway carrying their shoes in one hand, instead of wearing them.

Photographed by Christina fragkou
Photographed by Christina Fragkou


Creative Director Jonny Johansson presented his latest Spring/Summer 2023 collection in Paris. For this Spring 2023 season, the brand presented a delicate collection, showcasing silk sheets, ruffled silk tops and pale yellow chiffon skirts, semi-sheer lace mini dresses, trench coats, geometrical handbags, stomping footwear, etc.

“I wanted to celebrate the 10-year-anniversary of Acne Studios in Paris, and the most iconic event I could come up with was a wedding. I find weddings fascinating because they are always a melting pot, and they kickstart a lot of aesthetic choices,” Johansson said.

Photographed by Francisco Gomez de Villaboa
Photographed by Francisco Gomez de Villaboa


Creative Designers Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter presented their latest Spring/Summer 2023 collection in paris, paying homage to Mother Earth through oceanic references and plenty of H20. The collection also featured vibrant blue hues alongside contrasting browns, blacks, oranges and greys, which we could see in slouchy trousers, tucked-in blazers and undershirts. Bodycon dresses, slim-fit T-shirts, slip dresses, belted jumpsuits were also some of the pieces included in the show.

Photographed by Elodie Chapuis
Photographed by Elodie Chapuis