The Best Beauty Moments From New York Fashion Week’s Fall 2023 Runways.

Discover below a round-up of the beauty highlights from NYFW 2023, from gothic inspiration at Rodarte to Coach’s pale lips.


New York Fashion Week has finally come to an end. And with it, it has left a long list of glamorous beauty moments and trends that we will continue to see throughout 2023. While it’s true that clothes are certainly the focal point, beauty has become an increasingly important aspect for designers to consider as more and more beauty brands get involved in fashion week.

From the earthy to the otherworldly, the fall 2023 beauty looks embraced aesthetic realities, resulting in a beauty mix that appealed to diverse tastes and provided enough charisma to encourage us all to try something new. The first impression of beauty looks coming out of NYFW is makeup and hair, demanding their own attention on the runway.

From Rodarte’s models opting for the Girly Goth trend with dramatic looks and strong eyeliner to Anna Sui’s two-toned, jewel-coloured eyes, black and bold tones are having a big moment. Also, this season we saw models wearing pastel make-up at Palomo Spain and Christian Siriano, Sofia Tilbury was inspired by romantic gardens and one of the most timeless style icons, Audrey Hepburn, to create radiant and realistic make-up looks, with strong magenta and colourful lips.

If you’re looking for looks fresh off the runway-worthy of an inspiration panel, read on to see the top beauty looks from New York Fashion Week Fall 2023.


While some brands opted for vibrant lipstick colors, others went in the opposite direction and opted for nude lips. Fashion brands KGL and Coach unveiled their collections focusing on nude lips depending on the skin tone and creating a simple, bold and chic look.

Brandon Maxwell


For this Fall 2023, natural was the name of the beauty look at Proenza Schouler. Taking inspiration from “Women’s Portraits,” which encompass different moments in life: walking, jogging, working, meeting friends or any other simple moment, Merit took charge of the skin and makeup, keeping the whole look glowing, dewy and extremely natural.

“Her beauty and realism are enhanced through select hair products to highlight her genuine and natural way of being.” Says Guido Palau, who worked on the skin and makeup, keeping the whole look glowing, dewy and natural, with no makeup, no brow product and minimal coverage.

Proenza Schouler


It seems that darker shades are having their moment right now. This Fall 2023, creative designers created extravagant “Wednesday” inspired gothic beauty looks. Dark tones had their moment in most of the runway shows. Brands Rodarte, Sandy Liang and Proenza Schouler presented their latest Fall 2023 collection with gothic-inspired looks. Models sported essential makeup to portray the mood: dark lipstick, dark nails and thick eyeliner. Describing his inspiration for Sandy Liang’s runway show, makeup artist Manny Gutierrez perhaps perfectly summed up the Girly Goth trend in general: “This style embodies the energy of a pretty, sad and dirty girl,” he said. “She’s a man-eater but very feminine.”



Fashion label Anna Sui showcased its latest Fall 2023 collection during NYFW, focusing on bolder beautiful beauty looks. Wild eyes were key for the label. The eye makeup bordered on neon, and the mascara was coloured, too. The creative designer got inspired by The Peppermint Lounge and the ‘60s. “The makeup is a reflection of the era’s bold and vivid fashion sense, with an explosion of colour and tantalising textures,” says team Pat McGrath.

Anna Sui


This year, most creative designers focused their attention on bold lips. For instance, fashion label Christian Siriano showcased its Fall 2023 collection inspired by the “transportive romance of gardens”. He presented his collection where a flower-themed show featured hues of glossy pink, red and purple lipstick, accentuated by strong contour lines leading to the lips. The Viva Magenta Pantone Colour of the Year was also present. Lacy Redway, Unilever stylist and celebrity hairstylist, also said regarding hair looks, “Christian’s collection is stunning. It feels ethereal and romantic. We were inspired by the hand-crafted floral accents found throughout the collection to echo this in the hair by creating a rose-like twist, with a ‘stem’ of hair weaving down the crown of the head, meeting the rose-like bun in the back,”.

Christian Siriano