7 Scintillating Beauty Looks From The 2024 Golden Globes

The 2024 award show season kicked off with the Golden Globes and we’re highlighting the best looks of the night.

Margot Robbie at the 2024 Golden Globes.

It’s officially awards season, and Hollywood’s biggest stars are kicking things off with the Golden Globes 2024. While we’re keeping an eye on the night’s winners, the fashion and beauty looks are taking centre stage on the red carpet. Of course, the 2024 nominees came dressed to win—with flawless hair and makeup to match.

While last year’s beauty landscape was all about ’90s supermodel glam (think: Pamela Anderson buns and fluffy blowouts), we saw fairly muted makeup and manicures. So this year, it’s only natural that the maximalist renaissance—which began to lay seeds in late 2023—will continue in full force this awards season to balance the scales.

We witnessed a combination of old Hollywood elegance and new innovation on the red carpet in 2024. While the Golden Globes are considered more conservative than other events such as the Met Gala, we saw numerous celebrities take dangerous wardrobe risks. Margot Robbie effortlessly adopted a new appearance, embracing a delicate Barbie-inspired design, while Florence Pugh rocked an edgy faux-hawk. Her hair and cosmetics highlighted her glowing, warm complexion, with a delicate touch reminiscent of the iconic doll. Hunter also had a careless attractive look. Her straight, pulled-back hair perfectly complimented her natural and fresh makeup, demonstrating the art of subtle beauty.

Beauty is just as essential as dresses and diamonds at the Golden Globes, and this year, there were some jaw-dropping beauty looks that stole the show. Selena Gomez’s sleek and beautiful slicked-back hairdo matched her basic yet stunning attire. Meanwhile, Oprah’s gorgeous purple makeup enhanced her eyes and provided a splash of colour to her ensemble.

Here are 7 of the best Golden Globes beauty looks of 2024…


Rare Beauty founder Selena Gomez graced the event looking absolutely radiant with her sleek slicked-back bun and a makeup look featuring neutral eyes and lips. It was clear that she was up-to-date with the latest beauty trends.

Selena Gomez.


Another star who shook up her usual hairstyle was Taylor Swift. She ditched her signature side-swept bangs and opted for a glossy, Old Hollywood hairstyle that perfectly complemented her green dress. Taylor chose a neutral makeup look that allowed her vibrant gown to take centre stage.

Taylor Swift.


Emma Stone is always a vision on the red carpet, and this night was no exception. With makeup artistry by the renowned Charlotte Tilbury, she radiated elegance and beauty.

Emma Stone.


Margot Robbie embraced an effortlessly fresh aesthetic, leaning into a subtle Barbie-inspired look. Her hair and makeup highlighted healthy, warm skin and incorporated a soft touch reminiscent of the famous doll.

Margot Robbie.


Hunter also showcased an effortless and simple beauty look. Her slicked-back hair perfectly complemented her fresh and natural makeup, serving as a lesson in understated beauty.

Hunter Schafer.


A standout moment came from Amanda Seyfried, who flawlessly matched her eye makeup to her gown. She opted for a mesmerising smoked-out purple shadow that exuded a vampy vibe, adding a touch of drama to her overall look.

Amanda Seyfried.


Florence Pugh, known for her signature haircut, celebrated it on the red carpet. She paired her chic haircut with a neutral pink lip and bold brows, expertly created by artist Alex Babsky. The look perfectly complemented her ensemble from Valentino.

Florence Pugh.