These Are the 2024 Summer Jewelry Trends

Are you ready? From fishnet dresses to boyfriend blush tones, this summer’s top trends are breathing new life into our wardrobes and vanities. But why stop there? Just as bold runway fashion is making its way to the streets, the 2024 summer jewellery trends offer a chance to refresh both our everyday outfits and our […]

Paris Couture Week 2024: Standout Fashion Shows

Amidst the grandeur of Parisian landmarks, the Fall Couture shows unveil a tapestry of opulence and refinement, setting the stage for the season’s most coveted creations. The Paris couture shows have always represented the peak of high fashion, where creativity flourishes without limits and artistic expression reaches its apex. This season, these shows brought a […]

Couture’s Finest: Top Beauty Looks of Fall 2024 Runways

Step into the world of Haute Couture Beauty: where runway glamor meets the avant-garde, setting the stage for the season’s most captivating hair and makeup trends. Haute Couture Fashion Week consistently captivates, not only with its stunning red carpet gowns but also with enchanting beauty creations that set trends for special occasions. This month, prestigious […]

Here’s What Happened At Balenciaga’s Spring 2025 Show

The Shanghai collection, unveiled on a rainy night at the imposing Museum of Art Pudong, showcased Demna’s intellectually curious exploration of Balenciaga’s house codes and his twisted take on classic glamor. Balenciaga’s creative director Demna created a splash when she arrived in China, launching a multifaceted campaign that included a runway presentation at the Museum […]

Everything About Dior’s Cruise 2025 Collection

Chiuri remained true to her form by collaborating with local artisans. Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior Cruise 2025 collection unfolded amidst the verdant beauty of Drummond Castle’s gardens in Scotland. The show’s haunting bagpipe soundtrack set a romantic and dramatic tone, foreshadowing Chiuri’s vision. This vision intertwined Dior’s history with Scotland’s rich past. Traditional textiles like […]

Here’s What Unfolded During Louis Vuitton’s Cruise Show

This year, Ghesquière selected the Hypostyle Room of Antoni Gaudi’s Park Güell in Barcelona, an iconic hall with mosaic ceilings. Louis Vuitton has consistently chosen architectural marvels worldwide to stage its destination shows, celebrating a decade of Nicolas Ghesquière’s vision. This year, Ghesquière selected the Hypostyle Room of Antoni Gaudi’s Park Güell in Barcelona, an […]